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Cleans Disk Cleans Registry  Manages Startup

Uninstall Manager  Optimizes Registry  Privacy Cleaner  Duplicate Finder

ABOUT AtoZ cleaner

AtoZ cleaner is an amazing all in one clean up software which is designed to analyse, identity and clean the unnecessary junk files and unwanted files from your computer. It cleans your computer’s disk. It helps you to clean obsolete registry. It manages Start-up programs of your computer which starts along with the operating system. It optimizes the registry. It finds duplicate content and removes them with duplicate finder. It also has Uninstall Manager to help you remove unwanted programs from your computer. This in turn makes your computer run much faster giving you optimal performance and browsing experience.
AtoZ Cleaner Information
AtoZ Disk Cleaning

Cleans Disks

AtoZ cleaner cleans your disk and help your computer get rid of unwanted files which are lying in your disk and occupying space. It removes all those unwanted files like compression of old files, temporary Internet files, temporary Windows files, downloaded program files, files which are lying in the recycle bin. It removes unused applications or optional Windows components, Setup log files, Offline web pages (cached), etc. Thus, freeing up the space in your disk. It improves the overall performance of your computer.

Cleans Registry

AtoZ cleaner finds obsolete registry entries in your computer and removes them from your computer. Registry is a complex thing to find and manage manually due to enormous database. This all-in-one software finds invalid registry entries, missing file references or broken links within the registry. Then it resolves or remove them from your system. And by doing so, it improves the performance of your system.

Manages Start-up

AtoZ cleaner manages your start up programs. Lot of times when we download any software, by default it starts with our operating system. Thus, it eats up lot of resources during the start-up process. Thereby it delays the start of your computer. AtoZ cleaner lets you manage those start up programs by disabling them so that your computer starts up much faster.

Optimizes Registry

AtoZ cleaner optimizes the registry of your computer making your computer stay healthy and perform better. It repairs unhealthy registry and removes the unwanted, obsolete ones from your computer. It helps to get rid of unwanted stuff from your computer. Thereby recovering lot of spaces in your system. Once a month use of AtoZ cleaner helps your computer stay fit and the performance remains stable for years and years.

Uninstall Manager

AtoZ cleaner has an uninstall manager to help you uninstall unwanted programs from your computer. It assists you with the uninstall process making it much easier and less time consuming for you. Lot of times, we may notice that along with the main software that you download, few add-ons also get installed on your computer without you doing it intentionally. These add-ons may cause problems in your computer. To get rid of any unwanted software which you don’t require, AtoZ cleaner uninstall manager helps you remove those unwanted programs.